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An Incredible Castle Made From Paper

This is paper-craft at its best. Artist Wataru Itou created this alluring sculpture from heavy sheets of paper. The name of the piece in Japanese is Umo no Ue no Oshiro, and loosely translates to, “A Caste on the Ocean”. Source:  /  via: An Incredible Castle Made From Paper.

How To Be The Most Stylish Baby Ever

A lesson in fashion by the trendiest baby — Rachel Zoe’s little boy — Skylar Berman. Wear a Fedora! Fedoras on adults are not cool, but fedoras on babies are very cool. Via: Put on a three-piece suit Everyone loves a preppy baby! Via: Wear leopard accessories Hat …

An Amorous Professor –

A professor teaching in the college where I am the dean responded to anonymous accusations that he had an amorous relationship with a student by claiming the relationship took place only after the student graduated. Today, he confessed to me that he lied — the relationship did start before she …

15 Activities That Will Ruin A Good Day

These must be avoided. At all costs. 1. 2. 3. Via: 4. 5. Via: 6. Via: 7. 8. Via: 9. Via: 10. Via: 11. Via: 12. Via: sethdickens 13. Via: 14. Via: 15. Via: [Bonus] Via: 15 Activities That …