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The Invention of Money | The New Yorker

In three centuries, the heresies of two bankers became the basis of our modern economy. hen the Venetian merchant Marco Polo got to China, in the latter part of the thirteenth century, he saw many wonders—gunpowder and coal and eyeglasses and porcelain. One of the things that astonished him most, however, …

How Paper Shaped Civilization – The Atlantic

The material gave rise to currency, bureaucracy, and modern communication—and caused panic over technological change. How would Plato have used Twitter? To tell the world what he just ate for lunch? To sound off about the Emmys? To scold Kim Kardashian? Probably not. But he may have left one clue: …

An Incredible Castle Made From Paper

This is paper-craft at its best. Artist Wataru Itou created this alluring sculpture from heavy sheets of paper. The name of the piece in Japanese is Umo no Ue no Oshiro, and loosely translates to, “A Caste on the Ocean”. Source:  /  via: An Incredible Castle Made From Paper.

Secrets of the Muslim bathroom –

The lota has torn apart relationships and embarrassed first-generation kids like me. So what is it? Let me explain In America, Muslims must think like Jason Bourne, practicing our rituals with clandestine skill to avoid awkward confrontations. For instance, it’s not easy to find creative space to pray while providing …