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Double Take ‘Toons: Shooting Off Their Mouths? : NPR

Vice President Joe Biden and NRA exec Wayne LaPierre have both made eyebrow-raising remarks during the debate on gun violence. John Deering and John Cole take those controversial comments a few steps further. Syndicate John Deering John Cole/The Scranton Times-Tribune Double Take ‘Toons: Shooting Off Their Mouths? : …

Double Take ‘Toons: Kerry Begins, Clinton Ends : NPR

Former Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is scheduled to be sworn in today as U.S. Secretary of State. Petar Pismestrovic acknowledges the weighty burden borne by outgoing Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, while John Deering suggests what might be next for her. Petar Pismetrovic /Kleine Zeitung, Austria Syndicate John Deering …

Double Take ‘Toons: Leaders Old And New? : NPR

The Democratic National Convention is in full swing. John Deering thinks Barack Obama can’t get re-elected solely on his winning personality, while Mike Luckovich hopes the president’s former supporters cut him some slack. John /Creator’s Syndicate Mike’s Syndicate Double Take ‘Toons: Leaders Old And New? : NPR.