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Why do so many Australians speak Arabic? – Daily chart

A country’s third-most-spoken language can be surprising MAPS OF LANGUAGES are often deceptively simple: language X is spoken here, language Y there. But people have a habit of moving around, and brightly coloured maps are not good at showing complicated mixtures of languages. So NeoMam Studios, a British design firm, …

‘Moronic & clueless’: Boris Johnson sparks outrage, saying everyone in Britain should speak English first – The Washington Post

English is far from the only language spoken in Britain. Significant time and resources have been put toward preserving indigenous minority languages across Britain, including Welsh, Gaelic, Scots and Irish. And, of course, many other languages are spoken — among them, Polish, Punjabi, Arabic and French. It’s understandable how Boris …

Which country has the most languages? – BBC News

Papua New Guinea has about eight million people, but more than 800 languages. The oldest ones, in the Papuan group, date back tens of thousands of years. So why are there so many languages in this mountainous island country? Source: Which country has the most languages? – BBC News