What is the most dangerous drug? – Daily chart


Some drugs classified as highly dangerous are less harmful than alcohol or tobacco WHY IS ALCOHOL legal but many other intoxicants not? That question is the subject of a report published today by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, an independent group of 26 former presidents and other bigwigs. They …

College music department resurrects long-lost funk music


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Back in the summer of 2005, Drexel University’s Music Industry program got a very curious phone call. On the line was the owner of a storage facility in Philadelphia, wondering if the school would be interested in thousands of music studio tapes, seemingly abandoned in a unit …

Legality of Bitcoin Trading and usage of automated trading bots


Bitcoin has grown in popularity among the majority of the world’s population and is legalized in many countries. Many Bitcoin trading apps have been brought to the market as a result of technological advancements, making the trading process easier for traders. Bitcoin Profit remains at the top of the list, claiming to deliver high returns. Go to Coincierge.de Bitcoin Profit page for more information on how Bitcoin Profit works, how to open an account, and how the bot can function in numerous accounts while identifying which account is currently active. You’ll also have the opportunity to look over the user reports, assessments, and experiences.

What are overseas online casino sites, and how do they differ from domestic ones?


Overseas online casino sites are online gambling platforms that are based outside of your country of residence. They differ from domestic online casino sites and among them they are subject to different laws and regulations. They may offer different games, promotions, and payment options.