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The Hottest Kiss Ever

This kiss is hot in every respect. This amazing shot shows photographer Dallas Nagata and her husband Ed White embracing in front of real burning lava. Dallas had her friend press the shutter and another friend holding the speedlite behind them. The Hottest Kiss Ever.

’60s Celebrity Photos Found In A Closet

Jack Robinson shot celebrity portraits for Vogue in the 1960s and later took up a career in stained-glass. After he passed in 1997, never-before-seen prints of a forgotten 17-year career in photography were found buried in his closet. Clint Eastwood Cybil Shepherd Michael Caine Elton John Tina Turner Ralph Lauren …

Zimbabwe recovers 50 elephant tusks

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Wildlife authorities say rangers shot dead a poacher in northwestern Zimbabwe and seized 28 elephant tusks from a bush hideout. The National Parks and Wildlife Authority said in a statement Tuesday the poacher, aged about 50, died in an exchange of fire over the weekend in …

Lions stalk Nairobi’s suburbs | GlobalPost

Kenya’s urban sprawl is crowding out habitat for Africa’s king of the jungle. NAIROBI, Kenya — Lions prowled through posh suburban gardens here recently, frightening residents and reminding them that they live in Africa, after all. In the latest incident of growing conflict between humans and wildlife in East Africa, …