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Quotes: Massacare in Houla, Syria

“It’s very hard for me to describe what I saw, the images were incredibly disturbing. Women, children without heads, their brains or stomachs spilling out.”   — A resident of Houla, Syria, where more than 100 residents were massacred this past weekend. via AP News : The Orange County Register.

Watercooler Stories – May 4, 2012 –

Police: Woman stole pills from care home WIND GAP, Pa., May 4 (UPI) — Police in Pennsylvania said a nursing home caretaker is accused of leaving patients alone while she sold stolen morphine pills door to door. Wind Gap police said Mechelle Looney, 42, a caretaker at Lynn’s Personal Care …

Is the TSA Targeting Attractive Women? | NewsFeed |

A Dallas woman believes she was violated by TSA officers who, she says, repeatedly asked her to enter a body scanner because of her looks. A CBS News affiliate recently interviewed Dallas resident Ellen Terrell about her claims that she was targeted for full-body screening at DFW Airport because of …

Tables Reserved for the Healthiest –

Residents at Harbor’s Edge, an upscale retirement community in downtown Norfolk, Va., appreciate their gracious dining room, called the River Terrace. They like the country club cuisine, the socializing, the view of ships passing on the Elizabeth River. Until recently, William Hodges had dinner there every evening with his wife, …