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  “They tried to take away everything that made Timbuktu Timbuktu. They almost succeeded.” MAHALMOUDOU TANDINA, an Islamic preacher, on militants’ occupation of the city in Mali. via Quotation of the Day for Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 –

Florida pastor is focus of Muslim outrage – again | Reuters

(Reuters) – An American Christian preacher who caused an international uproar last year by threatening to burn the Koran has put himself back in the spotlight after incinerating Islam’s holy book — again with deadly consequences. Thousands of protesters in northern Afghanistan, enraged over news that the Florida pastor Terry …

In Egypt, a terror attack on Christians draws a response | Jay Bookman

On New Year’s Eve, Islamic terrorists in Egypt attacked a Coptic Christian church during religious services, killing more than 20 worshipers and wounding an estimated 100. The bombing occurred after months of increasing tensions between Egypt’s historic Coptic minority and Muslim fundamentalists, leading Coptic officials to wonder publicly at the …

Egyptian Muslims Attend Christmas Eve Services as “Human Shields”

Many Egyptian Muslims did something Thursday they’d never done before: celebrated Christmas. A week after a terrorist bombing killed 21 Christians in Alexandria, thousands of Muslims attended Coptic Christmas Eve services or stood at candlelight vigils outside churches in a (successful) effort to prevent further attacks on Christians. According to …