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CoiffeurGate: The high cost of Hollande’s haircut – BBC News

France reacts to the news that President Francois Hollande’s hairdresser costs almost 10,000 euros a month. He’s typically perfectly groomed and neatly turned out for every occasion but Francois Hollande’s hairstyle doesn’t come cheap. France has been mulling over the revelation that the hairdresser responsible for maintaining the head of …

Quote of the Day

“I say it firmly: France will remain the country of liberty, of movements, of culture. An active, valiant, dynamic country.” ~FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, president of France, in an address to a conference of French mayors. Source: Quotation of the Day – The New York Times

Quote of the Day

“Terrorism will not destroy the republic, because it is the republic that will destroy it.” ~FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, president of France, in an address to Parliament. Source: Quotation of the Day – The New York Times

The Hollande-Sarkozy re-match France doesn’t want | Reuters

Nicolas Sarkozy vs Francois Hollande: the re-match. With both having tightened their grips on their parties in recent days, a 2017 repeat of France’s 2012 presidential election now looks like the most likely scenario. The snag is that three quarters of the French do not want either the current president …

What’s left of the French left? – Al Jazeera English

French socialism has turned into another electoral machine that excels only at manufacturing empty slogans. Last month a majority of the French electorate (66 percent) voted for the right wing – the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) led by former President Nicolas Sarkozy and other centre-right parties – in the second round …