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Scouting’s Gay Founder? –

WITH more and more American institutions becoming inclusive and even openly gay-friendly, the Boy Scouts of America has just reaffirmed its unregenerate straights-only status: a special committee, formed in 2010, recently announced the organization’s intention of sticking with the 2000 Supreme Court decision that it is within its constitutional rights …

Stone tools focus picture of ancient Americans

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — Stone tools and human DNA from ancient caves in Oregon offer new evidence of how some of the first Americans spread through the continent: Quite apart from the better-known Clovis culture, a separate group occupied the West. Archaeologists said Thursday that using multiple techniques, they …

Honor Code –

Henry V is one of Shakespeare’s most appealing characters. He was rambunctious when young and courageous when older. But suppose Henry went to an American school. By about the third week of nursery school, Henry’s teacher would be sending notes home saying that Henry “had another hard day today.” He …

Quote: Animal Intelligence

“It’s not a question of whether they think – it’s how they think.” – Duke University scientist Brian Hare on evidence that animals are more intelligent and more social than previously thought, especially when it comes to primates. via News from The Associated Press.