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Double Take ‘Toons: Backgrounds Checked : NPR

Not a single gun safety measure made it past the Senate’s filibuster threshold. David Fitzsimmons thinks little of the parliamentary maneuvering, while Nate Beeler believes the legislation was doomed because it was not reality-based. David Fitzsimmons/The Arizona Star Nate Beeler/The Columbus Dispatch Double Take ‘Toons: Backgrounds Checked : NPR.

Double Take ‘Toons: Gun Rights, Wrongs? : NPR

The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the first of four post-Newtown gun violence measures. David Fitzsimmons and Keith Knight note that when it comes to firearms, perception and misperception can have serious consequences. David Fitzsimmons/The Arizona Star Keith Knight Double Take ‘Toons: Gun Rights, Wrongs? : NPR.

Double Take ‘Toons: No Remedy for the Cure : NPR

With sequestration less than two weeks away, cartoonists David Fitzsimmons and John Darkow like neither the truths nor the consequences of sequester politics. David Fitzsimmons/The Arizona Star John Darkow/Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri Double Take ‘Toons: No Remedy for the Cure : NPR.