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“When you build a dam, you are playing God. And it’s tough to be God.” ~JOSEPH D. COUNTRYMAN, who worked for 20 years as the head of reservoir operations for the Army Corps of Engineers. Source: Quotation of the Day – The New York Times

A Bigger Problem Than ISIS? – The New Yorker

The Mosul Dam is failing. A breach would cause a colossal wave that could kill as many as a million and a half people. On the morning of August 7, 2014, a team of fighters from the Islamic State, riding in pickup trucks and purloined American Humvees, swept out of …

Vietnam warns of dire impact from planned Mekong dams

Research commissioned by Vietnam has warned of devastating environmental and economic effects for millions of people living along the Mekong River if 11 proposed dams are built on its mainstream. The 2 1/2-year study by Danish water expert DHI was submitted recently by Vietnam to the Mekong River Commission, a …

Myanmar: Shan Villagers and the Salween Dam Fight | The Diplomat

Development is sparking rising tensions in southeastern Myanmar. The increasing army presence to defend the construction of a controversial Salween river dam in southeastern Myanmar’s Shan state has sparked heightened concerns among rural villagers, who are determined to fight the development that threatens their livelihoods. “The Burma army tanks are …