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The Economist explains: What do think-tanks do? | The Economist

The rise, and slight decline, of the mysterious outfits quoted in newspapers and magazines “ACCORDING to such-and-such, a think-tank,” is a phrase familiar to readers of any newspaper, not least The Economist. Sharp quotes, intriguing facts and bold new policy proposals are attributed to the mysterious tanks (as is plenty …

Cuba’s Private Tourism Industry Grows as Government Retreats from Restaurants – Skift

More than 20 state restaurants in Cuba are about to become employee-run cooperatives as Raul Castro’s communist government continues its retreat from running just about everything on the Caribbean island. The restaurants will become cooperatives in October, with hundreds more likely to follow if the experiment succeeds. All aspects of …

Quote of the Day

“Don’t expect anybody to thank the U.S., even if it is for humanitarian reasons.” SHIBLEY TELHAMI, a scholar at the Brookings Institution who studies Arab public opinion, on a potential Western airstrike against Syria. Quotation of the Day for Wednesday, August 28, 2013 –