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Rich Chinese look abroad to preserve wealth

BEIJING (AP) — China’s richest people are stepping up investment in U.S. real estate and other foreign assets as they try to preserve their fortunes in the face of a fast-changing economy, a report said Tuesday. The report by China Merchants Bank and the consulting firm Bain & Co. in …

Policy and the Personal –

A lot of people inside the Beltway are tut-tutting about the recent campaign focus on Mitt Romney’s personal history — his record of profiting even as workers suffered, his mysterious was-he-or-wasn’t-he role at Bain Capital after 1999, his equally mysterious refusal to release any tax returns from before 2010. Some …

Quote of the Day

“I give him his own advice: stop whining.” — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), in an interview on ABC News, on Mitt Romney demanding an apology for the attacks on his tenure at Bain Capital. Bonus Quote of the Day.

Marco Rubio, Flopper — Daily Intel

Marco Rubio is hurt and deeply wounded by President Obama’s criticisms of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. “Obama goes straight for the argument that his opponents are bad human beings, bad people that don’t care about the plight of other Americans,” said Rubio yesterday. “I think that’s deeply unfair.” …