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Algeria and France: War by any other name | The Economist

A conflict that still reverberates today Algeria: France’s Undeclared War. By Martin Evans. Oxford University Press; 457 pages; $35 and £20. Buy from, IN 2006 François Hollande, now the Socialist Party’s candidate in France’s forthcoming presidential election, declared “in the name of the Socialist Party” that the Section …

Photo of the Day: April 12, 2011

  Algerian students clash with police as they participate in a demonstration against the government in Algiers, April 12, 2011. Thousands of students took to the streets in protest defying a government band on public protest. ALGERIAN-PROTEST.jpg (JPEG Image, 301×301 pixels).

Movie Review: Of Gods and Men’s Higher Love

Xavier Beauvois’s stark religious drama Of Gods and Men is loosely based on the true story of French monks who, in the nineties, elected to remain in their monastery in a rural Algerian village despite threats from an increasingly homicidal band of Islamic fundamentalists. For some, the decision to stay …