What America Spends On Groceries : Planet Money : NPR

We spend less of our money on groceries than we did 30 years ago.


Income spent on groceries

The way we spend our grocery money has also changed.

We now spend a much bigger share of our grocery money on processed foods, which includes things like frozen dinners, canned soups and snacks. We spend much less on meat, largely because meat is much cheaper than it was 30 years ago.

Breakdown of Grocery Spending

“We’ve seen major restructuring in poultry, pork and beef industries that has allowed efficiencies and brought down the cost,” Walter Falcon, a Stanford economist who’s an expert on food, told me.

Change in Prices

Here’s one more chart for you if you want to compare prices then and now:

Price List in 2012 Dollars

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

What America Spends On Groceries : Planet Money : NPR.

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