Chavez back home after cancer treatment –

MAIQUETíA, Venezuela, May 12 (UPI) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela after 11 days in Cuba for cancer treatment, saying he’s optimistic about his future.

Chavez, 57, arrived Friday night at Simon Bolivar International Airport near Caracas and walked down airplane stairs, dispelling rumors that he was unable to walk, CNN reported.

“We successfully completed the entire cycle of radiotherapy, as it was planned by the medical team,” Chavez said. “Other than some discomfort — normal during this treatment — nothing forced myself to stop, suspend or alter the initial plan, as it is fully completed.”

Neither Chavez nor the Venezuelan government has said publicly what kind of cancer he has.

The president said he was optimistic about his treatment and said he hoped to “continue serving God’s command … to continue building with you a new country, the socialist homeland, the Venezuelan homeland.”

CNN said Chavez has spent more than 50 days undergoing treatment in Havana this year and 45 days last year.

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