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Mr. Nugent in happier times.


I was driving through Gila Bend, Arizona, yesterday–really–stopped in a truck stop and heard three middle-aged white guys talking about Ted Nugent. All three liked the fact that Nugent hated Barack Obama, but were concerned about the fact that Nugent had said that if the President is reelected, he–Nugent–would be dead or in jail in a year’s time. “It sounded pretty bad,” said one guy, “but I think what Ted meant was that Obama’s people would kill him.” The other two nodded their heads, sagely.

I was tempted to ask the guy, “Aside from Osama Bin Laden, can you name one other person killed by Obama’s ‘people’?” But I had a five-hour drive ahead of me and hit the road, sick to my stomach.

~Joe Klein

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