Rome pushes costumed gladiators away from Colosseum –

Every day on WorldNow, we choose a striking photo from around the world. Today we picked this image of a costumed centurion giving a thumbs-up outside the Colosseum in Rome, a photo-op that might disappear.

Rome has pushed before to get rid of the costumed gladiators and centurions who ring the Colosseum, ready to draw their weapons and pose with tourists for a price. According to news reports, the Eternal City has passed a law banning unauthorized people from asking for money outside the famous attraction.

The faux fighters have gotten in trouble before: Several gladiators were arrested by undercover police in August after tourists complained of scams and threats to get money, the Guardian reported.

Officials say gladiators and centurions will still be able to work elsewhere, including the road leading to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Renaissance Piazza Navona, news services reported.

The costumed vendors aren’t happy. “This will end badly. We’ll wage a revolution. We’ll burn down the Colosseum rather than move from here,” said one centurion quoted by Adn Kronos International.


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