BBC News – Thai police seek two more suspects over blasts

Police in Thailand say they are seeking two more suspects in connection with a bomb plot believed to have been targeting Israeli diplomats.

One of the two men is believed to be a bomb-making expert who trained the three Iranian men detained after the explosions in Bangkok on Tuesday.

The other is a man who rented the house the suspects were living in with an Iranian woman, police told the BBC.

They are also looking for the woman, who is believed to have left Thailand.

Two men are in custody in Bangkok over Tuesday’s explosions and a third man was arrested in Malaysia trying to board a flight to Iran.

Similar devices

The alarm was raised when an explosion ripped the roof off their house in central Bangkok.

Two of the men managed to flee the house after the explosion, but one was injured and tried to catch a taxi.

When the taxi refused to stop for him he threw at least one bomb at it, according to police.

He was later cornered by police and attempted to throw a bomb at them. However, he seriously injured himself with the device, and lost both of his legs.

A second man was detained at Bangkok’s international airport later that day and a third in Kuala Lumpur after arriving by air.

Four other people were injured in the incident.

Officials have linked the Bangkok blasts to two attacks targeting Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia on Monday.

Israel has accused Tehran of being behind all three attacks. Tehran has denied any involvement.

BBC News – Thai police seek two more suspects over blasts.

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