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Over at Stars and Stripes, “Rumor Doctor” Jeff Schogol is wondering if the Baghdad government is ever going to get around to awarding U.S. troops medals for their role in ousting Saddam Hussein from power. After all, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia honored American troops with such decorations after they kicked Saddam out of Kuwait back in 1991.

Schogol concludes there’s not likely to be any Baghdad beribboning:

THE RUMOR DOCTOR’S DIAGNOSIS: The Iraqi government seems to be showing little affection for U.S. troops. That’s OK because most — if not all — U.S. troops will be seeing Iraq in the rearview mirror soon. Leaving Iraq is definitely an award unto itself.

Now comes word that Baghdad has decided not to give U.S. troops stationed in Iraq after this year the traditional immunity from local prosecution that foreign troops usually get from host governments (U.S. soldiers who get in trouble overseas generally are dealt with under the U.S. military’s Uniform Code of Military Justice instead of in local courts, where fair trials often are deemed unlikely).While this decision may not hold, it’s a clear indication that post-war Iraq is less-than-grateful for the 4,477 U.S. lives lost, and $1 trillion spent by U.S. taxpayers, in the effort. But look at the bright side: instead of a dictator unilaterally granting U.S. troops immunity, a fledgling democracy has had its say.

Don’t Hold Your Breath, Iraqi Liberators – Battleland –

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