Back to Bangkok- Are The Tourists Coming?

Bangkok at night, seen from top of Banyan Tree...

Bangkok at night

Bangkok is back in business. The ongoing drama between political divisions within Thailand brought tourism to a standstill in 2010. Apparently nobody likes to holiday in a destination that features in the news headlines. Ask the locals in Bangkok and they’ll angrily dispute the media account of the drama. Sensational claims of impending civil war failed to materialise and life for the city’s residents has returned to its usual semblance of chaotic Buddhist bliss.

The tourists have been a little slower to return however, at least in the city of Bangkok. Further south the tourists have been filling up resorts and islands. Francois Huet is the General Manager at Banyan Tree Phuket, and he had to work hard to keep morale positive during the worst of the travel downturn in Thailand. Banyan Tree and the other properties around the Laguna Beach resort area were very quiet indeed.

But the islands were the first to bounce back, which is good news for the staff and the locals who rely so heavily on tourist services for a living. According to Francois, ‘It’s still the rainy season now but we have no rooms to spare this week. We’re booked solid.’

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