Did I hear something about a wedding? | Jay Bookman

I saw a great tweet earlier today:

“i honestly don’t care about a wedding where I wasn’t invited and doesn’t have an open bar.”

My sentiments exactly.

In fact, I got a kick out of the website of the Guardian in the UK. Today’s homepage is of course dominated by news and photos of the royal wedding, but the Guardian offers a convenient button labeled “Republicans click here,” Republicans in the British context meaning those who oppose the monarchy.

Click it, and poof! — you get a homepage with absolutely no mention of the Windsor-Mountbatten/Middleton ceremony. Like it never even happened.

Clearly, though, hundreds of millions if not billions don’t share my attitude. The confluence of princess fantasies, wedding porn, the lingering grip of the British Empire on the public imagination and a celebrity culture ensures it became a much-watched media extravaganza.

Given all that, I sifted through my memory banks for an appropriate song to kick off the evening’s festivities, and only one came to mind.

(Oh, and by the way, I’ve never been able to remember which of the two British princes was which. But after seeing some of today’s photos, I now have a mnemonic device: “One of them’s Harry. The other one isn’t.” Given his growing bald spot, then-King William might be asking President Trump for a few combover tips a few years from now.)

Did I hear something about a wedding? | Jay Bookman.

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