12,000-Square-Foot White House Replica for Sale in Virginia

Want the presidential digs without the presidential headaches? Pony up $4.65 million and the White House is yours.

Realtor Chu Nguyen of Fairfax Realty is selling the McLean, Va., home on behalf of an anonymous Vietnamese engineer. Using White House blueprints, he built the house out of love for the country that took him in as a refugee in the mid-’70s. At 12,000 square feet, the home at 1111 Towlston Road is one-fifth the size of the home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

After a seven-year build, the engineer and his family moved in 15 years ago. Hollywood came knocking, and the new home stood in for the real White House in Will Smith’s “Independence Day.”Now, Nguyen told WUSA, the children have grown up and the couple wants to downsize.

“It’s just him and his wife. They’re empty-nesters. He is feeling a sense of isolation living in such a big house,” Nguyen says.

At $4.65 million, the house is twice as expensive as the already-steep neighborhood median asking price, $2.25 million. The less expensive homes in this D.C. suburb no doubt lack the amenities of the second White House: six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gym, a home theater, a wine cellar and even an oval office (with a piano instead of a desk).

The house has been on the market for a week. Nguyen has had a few nibbles, including interest from former Washington Redskin LaVar Arrington, but no bites.

12,000-Square-Foot White House Replica for Sale in Virginia.

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