City’s cost-saving pay cuts backfire –

ASHTABULA, Ohio, March 22 (UPI) — An Ohio city council attempting to save $54,000 instead ended up paying $75,000 to three women whose work hours and benefits were cut.

The Ashtabula City Council voted two weeks ago to reduce the work week for Systems Analyst Charlene Pfouts and Treasurer Lori Mackey from 40 hours to 20 hours with no benefits and Income Tax Administrator Marge Pavolino’s pay was cut by 10 percent, The Ashtabula Star Beacon reported Tuesday.

The cuts were designed to save the city $54,000 or more. However, Pfouts, who previously made $58,125 a year, quit rather than take the cuts and Mackey is considering a similar move.

The City Council approved Monday paying at least $75,000 in severance and unused vacation and sick time for the three women in addition to the city auditor, deputy auditor and clerk of council.

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