Paraplegic loses gym rights over parking –

FLINT, Mich., March 19 (UPI) — A paraplegic with a penchant for busting people who illegally park in spots for the handicapped has had his Michigan gym membership revoked, officials said.

James McGarry’s membership at Hurley Health and Fitness Center in Flint was revoked following a confrontation between McGarry and another man who parked in a handicapped parking space, the Flint Journal reported Saturday.

McGarry was leaving the gym on Feb. 25 when the man parked in the restricted area without a handicap sticker on his vehicle. McGarry pulled his car behind the other man’s car, keeping him from leaving.

A verbal confrontation ensued and the police were called.

“Pretty simply, I just feel that it was flat out wrong,” McGarry said of his membership revocation. “It’s a wrong that needs to be righted. I simply can’t let it go. It’s more than just how it affects me. I was just sticking up for the rights of the entire disabled community.”

Police and gym officials said McGarry should have taken down the violator’s license plate number and contacted security.

Tuesday, McGarry confronted another driver parking illegally in a handicapped spot at his new gym, Planet Fitness in Burton. He again pulled his car in behind the offender. The police were called and the owner of the vehicle was issued a ticket.

“The disparity between the two situations were like night and day,” McGarry said.

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