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Walls not included

We’ve seen prefab houses built from timberglass, and salvaged materials, and now you can add bamboo to the list. This restaurant in Dong Hoi, Vietnam, is built entirely from bamboo parts that were prefabricated then assembled on site.

Vaulted ceiling made of bambooBambubuild via Designboom

BambuBuild designed the restaurant with a soaring vaulted ceiling reminiscent of an ornate cathedral. Look up and you’ll see what appears to be a complex support system, though the structure itself is fairly simple.

Bamboo columnsBambubuild via Designboom

The building is grounded by a series of thick bamboo frames that stretch upwards before being connected by bamboo bolts and polyester rope. A thatched roof sits on top and creates a shaded overhang for outdoor seating.

Bamboo ceilingBambubuild via Designboom

Of course, the entire restaurant is technically outdoors considering there are no walls. A series of tables are arranged on a concrete platform and catch cool breezes as wind flows through the restaurant.

Source: Prefab restaurant built entirely from bamboo – Curbed

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