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The first natural shade to join dark, milk, and white in 80 years.

Confectioners can now create naturally lipstick-hued chocolate. Following Nestle’s debut of white chocolate, ruby is the first new shade to hit the market in 80 years. Scientists in Switzerland discovered a way to draw pink chemical compounds from red cocoa beans found in Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast.

Unlike many of the latest rainbow of trends in colorful consumables, ruby chocolate is naturally pigmented. Think less Unicorn Frappuccino, more butterfly pea flower cocktails. The flavor is natural, too. Tasters liken the smooth, rosy bar to a berry they’ve never tried before, with notes of lemon and cherry.

The company responsible for ruby chocolate’s creation (Barry Callebaut, the largest cocoa processor in the world) says perfecting and scaling the operation took more than a decade. They’re keeping the actual process under wraps for now, but they’ve partnered with Nestlé to release the bubblegum-tinted sweet into the world. If the whole thing makes you want to say “Give me a break,” look out for ruby’s upcoming debut in the form of pink KitKats.

Source: Ruby Chocolate – Gastro Obscura

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