Hackers target Thai court websites to protest handling of Koh Tao murder trial – Asian Correspondent

A DAY after the sister of a murdered British backpackerlambasted Thai authorities for their handling of the case, hackers affiliated with the notorious group ‘Anonymous’ attacked government websites in the country.

This is the second time they have attacked Thai official websites this year – this time replacing or disabling the home pages of many sites affiliated with the court system.

A posting on a Facebook account associated with the loosely organized hacker group said Wednesday’s attacks were a protest against death sentences given on Dec. 24 to two Burmese (Myanmar) men convicted of murdering two young British tourists. Critics say the men were scapegoats and unfairly convicted.

The Facebook posting said almost 300 Thai sites had been hacked. A random check showed some not working, some defaced and some operating. About a dozen police-affiliated sites were similarly struck on Jan. 5.

The group also said it was preparing “a huge leak of all Thai officials involved in corruption in Thai Courts.”

The hacker group had previously released a video slamming the court’s verdict and urging tourists to boycott the country. 

British tourists Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, were both found dead on a beach on the island of Koh Tao in September 2014. Since then, the Thai authorities behind investigation have been accused of incompetence, bungling of evidence, and torturing the suspects.

Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.

Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.

Witheridge’s sister, Hannah, harshly criticized Thai authorities on Monday in an extended Facebook post, which has since been removed. In a statement, the Thai court stated it was deeply concerned over her allegation against the judges and court officials involved in the case. It pointed out that throughout the trial, no complaints or allegations of misconduct were lodged by any party so that action could be taken.

“Throughout the trial, neither complaint nor any improper conduct was brought up for immediate action to be taken against. Moreover, all judges and court officials are consciously aware of the rights of the victim and her family afforded by law,” the statement said.

Source: Hackers target Thai court websites to protest handling of Koh Tao murder trial – Asian Correspondent

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