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Serviced apartments are growing in popularity abroad, especially for business travel. Here’s why.

Marriott’s opening of 108 serviced apartments in Africa this week provides yet more proof that serviced apartments are a growing trend in the hospitality industry. In fact, one report in Real Estate Gazette claims the serviced apartment sector has grown “faster than any other class of temporary accommodation in Europe.”

Why? Rather than take a chance on the quality and reliability of an Airbnb and other home share rentals, more travelers, especially those on longer-term business trips, see the serviced apartment as a happy medium between hotels and private residences. You can book one of these properties either through the hotels that manage them (check your favorite chain and location) or through private companies like Go Native, SACO, and Frasers Hospitality.

Here are five reasons why a serviced apartment might work best for you on your next business trip:

  1. Extra space: On average, serviced apartments are 30% larger than the average hotel room. The space is separated into rooms, keeping personal space within reach even if you’re sharing with a friend or colleague.
  2. Great savings: As apartment guests require fewer services than hotel guests, often the rates for apartments are lower, especially for longer-term stays. Plus, having your own kitchen lets you cook your own meals, potentially reducing dining costs.
  3. More privacy: Hotels in major cities can pack up to several hundred rooms in a relatively small space, meaning you’re likely to hear and see…stuff you don’t want to hear and see. Apartment blocks, however, generally host many fewer units, increasing the distance between you and your neighbor. Plus, staff is kept to a minimum, so it’s unlikely that housekeeping is going to come knocking at your door every 15 minutes.
  4. More flexibility: Because serviced apartments are spaced out around the city, guests can have a wider choice of locations. Plus, the size, shape, and layout change in each building according to the architecture, making for a more personalized selection.
  5. Make yourself at home: Serviced apartments feel much more like home because they look like much more like homes, which is likely to allow you greater peace of mind, warmth and security, not to mention a deeper and longer sleep, an essential amenity on a long business trip.

Source: Five reasons to consider a serviced apartment on your next business trip | Road Warrior Voices

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