A new low for Rush Limbaugh? | Cynthia Tucker

For the most part, I think Rush Limbaugh is better ignored. He’s a shameless liar who has helped turn incivility into the national past-time, a demagogue who has done more than his share to divide the body politic. And made hundreds of millions of dollars doing it.
But his utterly classless mocking today of a visiting dignitary — Chinese President Hu Jintao — ought to embarrass many of Limbaugh’s ardent fans. While Limbaugh frequently engages in race-baiting, his performance today was a low ebb even for him.
Commenting on the fact that Fox didn’t immediately provide translation during Hu Jintao’s press conference, he mocks the president’s language in the childish and stupid faux Mandarin that was typical of bad Hollywood slapstick of the 1920s and ’30s. (h/t Steve Benen):

“We’re not gonna gyp Fox,” Rush Limbaugh said. “I wanted to gyp it because the — well, the — Hu Jintao, he was speaking, and they weren’t translating. They normally — you have some translator every couple of words. But Hu Jintao was just going [mocking Chinese speech for 20 seconds]. Nobody was translating. But that’s the closest I can get.”

It’s not even funny — just dumb. If you can stomach it, you can hear it on this audio clip:

A new low for Rush Limbaugh? | Cynthia Tucker.

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