This is What the Tea Party Should be Raising Hell About!

From today’s Politico:

Since 2008, Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby has steered more than $250 million in earmarks to beneficiaries whose lobbyists used to work in his Senate office — including millions for Alabama universities represented by a former top staffer.

In a mix of revolving-door and campaign finance politics, the same organizations that have enjoyed Shelby’s earmarks have seen their lobbyists and employees contribute nearly $1 million to Shelby’s campaign and political action committee since 1999, according to federal records.

Don’t talk to me about Obama’s birth certificate or about whether the guy cutting my grass should be deported until you’ve dealt with this type of rampant corruption. If socialism would fix this, I would then be a socialist! Right now there’s only one way to stop this kind of disgusting crap. Term Limits! Term Limits! Term Limits!

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