Week in one liners: Kerry, Christie, Biden

The top quotes in politics…

“As the saying goes, I have big heels to fill.” — Secretary of State John Kerry on day one of his new job.

“It was easy, nothing to it.” — Vice President Joe Biden on winning the 2012 election.

“Me likey Broke Girls.” — A tweet accidentally sent from Rep. Raul Labrador‘s Twitter account on Sunday.

“What’s up cameraman?” — President Barack Obama getting distracted during an address.

“…she should shut up.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dismissing a former White House doctor who commented on his weight.

“It’s not a burp. It’s barely a fart.” — California Gov. Jerry Brown describing an ad released by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“I’m not dead.” — Former Sen. Scott Brown on his political future.

“Holy cow, my sister is running for Congress.” — Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert noting his sibling’s House bid.

“Karl Rove is a total loser.” — Donald Trump dissing the GOP strategist.

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