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The week’s Top 10 quotes in American politics:

“Some of you look a little more Asian to me.” — Nevada GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle, talking to a bunch of Hispanic high school students.

“He did express some regret that he wasn’t able to use explosives, which is our normal stock and trade.” – Jamie Hyneman, a co-host on Discovery’s “MythBusters,” recounting his conversation with President Obama, who will appear in an upcoming episode.

“Maureen Dowd — O’Dowd — whatever the heck her name is.” — Former Gov. Sarah Palin, snapping at The New York Times columnist for calling Palin the “queen bee” of “mean girls.”

“Did you actually leave the stage because you needed the facilities?” — WOR’s John Gambling, asking a question of gubenatorial candidate Carl Paladino after he abruptly walked off a debate stage to use the men’s room.

“There really are none.” — Levi Johnston, when asked what qualifications are required to be mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a position he hopes to obtain.

“Barack Obama is really cool. No, he’s not coming today, but he’s really cool.” — Vice President Joe Biden, to a bunch of California third-graders.

“I can tell you I certainly am not going to be a witch.” — Delaware Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell, discussing her Halloween costume options.

“I want all the press to be clear, they were saying ‘Wu.'” — President Barack Obama, clarifying what sounded like a “booo…” sound from an audience in Portland, Ore. (Rep. David Wu was in attendance.)

“I have written a book. This will come as a shock to some of the elites. They didn’t think I could read a book, much less write one.” — Former President George W. Bush, discussing his forthcoming book, “Decision Points.”

“And I don’t actually think the president thinks they’re drinking a lot of Slurpees — sorry.” — White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, elaborating on a frequent line by Obama about Republicans drinking Slurpees.

Politi-quotes of the week – PATRICK GAVIN | POLITICO CLICK.

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