Hedge Fund Manager Loses Battle Over $1 Million Shoe Collection

In an anti-climatic finish to the Court Case of the Century, hedge fund manager Daniel Shak withdrew his lawsuit seeking his share of his ex-wife’s million dollar shoe collection. Beth Shak, the ex-wife, and, according to the New York Post, a “pretty pro poker player,” denied any wrong doing, saying Mr. Shak knew about the collection and even encouraged it. As Ms. Shak told the Post:

“He would always say, ‘I’m busy! Leave me alone! Just go shopping or something!’ And I would give in and just go do it.”

Perhaps this wasn’t the best or most cost effective way to ignore his wife, who, as Mr. Shak probably noticed at some point, has a Christian Louboutin stiletto tattooed on her pelvic bone.

“I wanted love and emotional support and affection, but there was nothing. He would say, ‘Stop! Get away from me!’ I tried to keep track of what I was buying, but I lost control.”

“God only knows how many pairs of shoes I’ve bought in a week.”

It may be technically true that only God knows the totals for her average shopping week, but Ms. Shak ended up with a some 1,200 pairs, a total that’s proved difficult to manage.

“My closet is in complete chaos,” she said about her new home in suburban Philadelphia. “It’s a disaster. I spend three or four hours a day in there trying to clean it up and keep it neat.”

The case lasted through Tuesday morning when one of two things probably happened: either Mr. Shak realized he couldn’t win, or he grew deeply embarrassed for all involved parties and decided his share of the collection just wasn’t worth it. I’m guessing the first one, but who can know. Either way, he withdrew his case that afternoon.

I think it’s safe to say the judge spoke for all of us when she responded, “Well, thanks for wasting everybody’s time.”

Hedge Fund Manager Loses Battle Over $1 Million Shoe Collection.

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