BlackBerry Twitter campaign backfires on Research In Motion –

Research In Motion can’t catch a break. A tweet sent out Wednesday meant to promote its BlackBerry brand has backfired on the Canadian company, with many people using the campaign to bash RIM’s phones.

The company tweeted from its @BlackBerry account “Fill in the blank: BlackBerry helps me ________.”  However, many of the people who responded didn’t find BlackBerry too helpful.

“Realize how thankful I am for my #iPhone,” said one user, in one of the tamest yet worst responses RIM could have received. Not to be outdone, though, another user said the same about Android.

Another user said she throws her phone at the wall and that was in response to another user who was complaining about how BlackBerries require you to pull their batteries out when the phone freezes and crashes.

“BlackBerry helps me with my _______. • Throwingskills,” said another user, similarly.

Mentions of the iPhone showed up in various iterations as a response to the campaign, which RIM actually paid Twitter to promote. Among the iPhone mentions were: “Appreciate my iPhone,” “Realise (sic) that I want an iphone,” “Blackberry helps me be thankful for my iPhone,” and last but not least, “@BlackBerry Helps me ENVY THE S**T out of my friends with iPhones!”

But not all the BlackBerry disses were as cruel as those above. Some were actually done very courteously.

“Blackberry helps me understand that nothing is perfect,” said one user while another said: “to be patient.”

And another user pointed out how BlackBerry helps her by keeping her papers from flying off her desk.

But as bad as some responses were, BlackBerry did receive some good interaction. Some users highlighted BlackBerry’s physical keyboard that helps them type fast, their BBM messaging service and other simply said BlackBerry helped them to communicate.

“BlackBerry helps me with everything,” another user said. “My BlackBerry is my life :D”

The last time I checked, it split evenly among positive and negative responses, but some of the negative responses didn’t even have to do with RIM’s phones.

“Helps me by fill in the blank] ….laying off 5000 awesome people that I can hire. #riskytwittercampaigns,” said another user, highlighting RIM’s recent woes.

I contacted RIM and will update if the company responds to the negative feedback it received.

BlackBerry Twitter campaign backfires on Research In Motion –

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