Survey ranks Bangkok as Asia’s top tourism destination – Thai Travel News

A study of travellers reveals that Bangkok is likely to be 2012’s top destination for travellers throughout the Asia-Pacific Region, while ranking third worldwide. 

According to the MasterCard Global Cities Index for this year, Bangkok is poised to receive 12.2 million visitors, adding approximately US$20 billion to the local economy.

The study also revealed that Thailand ranked fourth globally in  when it came to tourist spend in 2011, with travellers bringing in a record amount of $14.4 billion worth of revenue.  Thailand rounded out the fourth spot behind the UK, the US and France.

Bangkok has held the number one spot in the survey for the past two years, but has recorded a significant amount of growth in the amount of visitor spending.  In 2010, the revenue gained from visitors was US$11.1 billion, rising by $5.5 billion the following year.  This year, travellers are expected to spend around $19.3 billion while in the Thai capital.

MasterCard says that Bangkok is one of the rising stars of the report and is cited as the number one city in terms of projected international visitor numbers and spend within the Asia/Pacific region. Most traffic is set to come from Tokyo and these visitors will also be spending more than visitors from the other top origin cities.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Deputy Governor Prakit Piriyakiet commented on the survey, noting that these results will certainly shine a positive light on Thailand in the eyes of foreign travellers.

MasterCard Worldwide’s global economic advisor and survey author Yuwa Hedrick-Wong commented on Bangkok’s drawing power: “Bangkok’s advantage is that it’s a very tolerant culture. That explains its durability, especially attracting Europeans and Americans.”

Survey ranks Bangkok as Asia’s top tourism destination – Thai Travel News.

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